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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013


Yesterday evening was not a success. A broken toenail resulted in a blood puddle on Sofias carpet after a five kilometer walk in new boots. Felt "KIIING" when I found her apartment with only a half working gps for guidance. But all this triggered a lot of commotion etc etc.
 Drinking games are fun to a certain point. Cabs in Helsingborg are expensive. Bruises are ugly,my text book is thick and service management people all look the same. Tomorrow I need to deal with life again and stop eating cereal from beer pong cups and paying a crazy amount of money for bus tickets instead of biking. Im going back to my hood, seeing my old friends and getting some things checked off my "To do list".
In other words I'm fine and life could have been worse. Also, i'm excited to see how many cavities German had after 7 weeks of "daily cokes".